Daily Cards for Independent Living Tools


As part of what helped me to relearn writing and to get better at daily living, I made 3×5 cards with this set of items which I wrote out by hand each day. The process started my day and then as some of the things were done, they would be checked or before going to bed I would check off ones done – but usually the next morning before doing the next card. Sometimes during the day, I would come back to the card and check off things done and note some things that could then be done. It allowed me to see if it had been several days of not taking a walk or seeing other people too, which meant I could put that into whatever day I was in fairly quickly.

These cards were such a good part of my life recovering from disabilities that I’ve been meaning to make a version for the zazzle adaptive living tools store where people could buy them already made and ready to use. They are probably markable on the main side of the “postcard” that I used to make them on zazzle by using dry erase markers. But, on the reverse side where additions can be made by the individual and the family / caregiver, if desirable – is typical card stock as any postcard would be and that means a pen or pencil can write on it but to have wipe off – it would need to be laminated or sprayed with clear acrylic finish (found at craft stores).

Once, a friend who was a businessman said to me trying to be helpful, that the cards shouldn’t say the same things on and on, day after day, year after year or I was doing something wrong. But he was wrong. He didn’t know the tool and its purpose in my life, in my recovery and how it was helping me. I hope it will help others too. It is based on something I read in a book once that said, if you had a million dollars – what would you be doing with each day anyway? What things would be in your life that you would choose to engage in? Based on that, I made these items found on my cards (and on this version at my store.) It is always possible to make these another way, but they are really not a to-do list in any traditional or common manner.

After head injury, post traumatic stress disorder, and other disabilities that affect the brain’s physiological functioning, things are simply different. Activities are easily forgotten that should be automatic without any disability and even more so with the distractions that commonly happen in daily living. It was also easier for me to learn and to remember that watering the plants day was on Tuesday, without ever understanding, learning nor remembering when Tuesday was happening – especially from one week to the next, or from one hour to the next day. It gets confusing even trying to explain how the daily activities that others take for granted are not easy for me to remember to incorporate in every day.

So, this list comes from the things I would include in my day even when I have billions of dollars, if that ever happens. And, that I may as well enjoy including in my todays until then regardless, because I can. And, the other things that should be there in each day whether I remember to do them or not – like eating, taking a bath, taking a walk, doing some art, learning things, doing some computer stuff, writing, etc. It is well worth doing and the addition of daily colors makes it easy to see across the room. For years I used white cards with markers used to color an edge for the daily colors and then I bought the more expensive color 3×5 cards to make each days’ card on its appropriate color. I was hand writing them to get my motor skills for writing back and better control of my hands doing what I wanted them to do. It isn’t necessary to hand write them for the tool to be used and useful.

These cards can be modified using the text editor on the product by clicking on the customize it button right below the picture of the card on its listing. The list could be made to hold other entries – or those can be written on the back – whatever works.

– cricketdiane




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